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What Is Amazon Ungating? Get To Know More From Here


Restricted products are one of the shortest ways to make more profits by selling on Amazon.

Are you aware of ungating on Amazon?

If you’re an Amazon seller, you would have faced some restrictions for selling certain brands, categories, or subcategories on Amazon.

Don’t worry, just follow what I have stated in this article. By the end, you'll have a thorough knowledge of ungating on Amazon.



Ungating on amazon is quite annoying for any seller who sells products on amazon. Let’s research deeper to know all about " How ungating on Amazon works? "

The third-party sellers are the pillars of Amazon. They provide many benefits to Amazon and its customers. However, at the same time, it also poses some risks for Amazon as a customer-oriented e-commerce giant. If a customer receives a product that is of poor quality, counterfeit, defective, or unsafe, the customer will blame Amazon, not the third party seller. It could shake Amazon's reputation.

To prevent these types of quality issues, and to provide the best customer experience, Amazon has become more strict toward third-party sellers.

It has created an approval process that acts as a filter. The sellers must follow it, to sell in certain categories. To ungate on amazon from one of those categories, you need to go through a tedious application process.

But, how to figure out whether the products you planned to sell fall under the restricted category on amazon? Wait, I will help you.

First, log in to Seller Central. When you try to list a restricted product, a request approval button will appear next to the restricted item.



There are several criteria that you need to meet before you can apply to ungating on amazon. They are:

➤ Order defect rate should be below 1%
➤ Professional seller account.
➤ Account must be of good standards.
➤ A healthy selling history of more than 3 months.
➤ You must have an inventory of more than one product in this category.
➤  A return delivery address in the local country is a must.



As I've said earlier, if you want to sell a restricted product, you will need to do a category ungating application request by clicking on the request approval button.

Once you’ve applied you can check the status by going to

Amazon Seller Central → Inventory → Add A Product.

Below Add A Product there will be a link titled “Selling application status” button. You can use that link to check your status of approval. If you get ungated, congratulations on your success. But, it’s not that easy, you recognize it already. Don’t worry, I've got an answer for you.

Try The Funnel Guru, the ungating service provider that gets you ungated in any of the restricted categories on amazon within 24 hours.

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