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Things that you need to know before ungating Amazon beauty topicals


Arghhh!!! As an Amazon seller, you face a lot of restrictions, especially under beauty topicals.

This may bring frustration to you. Let's get a clear view of; Why are these categories restricted by Amazon.


Beauty topicals- An overview

First, let's get to know what are beauty topicals.

Beauty topicals comprise all the skincare and hair care products.


Do you know?

The average revenue generated by the U.S skin care products market is $17.5 billion. Generally, skin care manufacturers, invest millions of dollars in manufacturing them, but some companies fail to focus on quality.

As per the above data, you have great market opportunities for skin care and hair care products. Once you gain standard brand fame, your competition might be comparatively less.

So, hurry to upgrade your beauty products. Once you are done with that, focus on getting approval to sell them on Amazon.

There the real struggle starts. Amazon brings your products under the restricted category. So, get to know why they are very choosy about the products that are displayed on their website.


Why are they restricted? 

Amazon is the world's biggest e-commerce giant, ever wondered why?

  • Because they always care about their customers.
  • Customer safety and satisfaction are their priority.
  • Beauty topicals are sensitive products that may bring the best results or worst impacts.

So, to ensure the safety of their customers and to deal with only quality products Amazon lays certain restrictions for these categories.

They wish to deal with products that don't bring any harm to their customers.

Ungating Amazon beauty topicals is not an easy task.


Some things you should notice before applying for ungating: 

Here, I would present some key tips that you should concentrate on, before applying for ungating of beauty topicals on Amazon.


1. Focus on your profile 

A good profile will always play as icing on a cake. So make sure your profile is free from any allegations and unfair conduct.


2. Check the quality 

As you are dealing with beauty topicals, they have a direct impact on the customers.

If they cause any adverse effects such as rashes or allergic symptoms, it will pull you into big trouble.


3. Carry a certification  

Be cautious! If you have a quality certification from a renowned physician, it might be an added advantage.

After checking all these things, jump into the ungating process.


Steps for ungating Amazon beauty topicals

STEP 1: Create a wholesaler account.

STEP 2: Shop a few products.

STEP 3: Get your invoices ready.

STEP 4: Now send your request to amazon.

You could apply for ungating from Amazon when you are willing to sell genuine products of good quality.

Amazon will go through all the details and documents you have presented and will update you on the status of your product.

But it may take quite a long time !!

To save both time and money you may approach amazon ungating services, which are third parties, who will help you to solve your problem like magic.


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