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The New Returns Provider Program Is Out Now! Peep To Learn What Amazon Says


Amazon has recently launched a new returns provider program that will make Amazon sellers happier! They should gain thorough knowledge about this program so that they can act efficiently when they face customer returns.

Let's see briefly what Amazon says so that we can gain a better idea of this program.


Amazon's Statement About new Returns Program 

" If you don’t have a US return address, the Returns Provider program can connect you with service providers to manage your returns. The Returns Provider program will launch to a limited number of international sellers on February 16, 2022, and then to all sellers by March 2022."

When it comes to the reason for launching this program, Amazon says,

"To help international sellers manage seller-fulfilled returns from US customers, we’re launching the Returns Provider (RP) program.

Using the program simplifies domestic returns, allows you to recoup return costs, and ensures a seamless customer returns experience.

Once enrolled in the program, you can receive Prepaid returns for seller-fulfilled orders with the provider’s domestic warehouse address, enabling you to further streamline customer returns."

This will surely make customer returns easier! For more instant day-to-day updates about Amazon, follow Amazon Seller Talk and enhance your Amazon sales.