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Sponsored Display Amazon Audiences Is Now Available


Sponsored Display audiences, a new feature of Amazon Advertising’s Sponsored Display Ads is now available in all current marketplaces.


Amazon states:

Sponsored Display audiences is a display targeting strategy that uses Amazon shopping signals to help advertisers of all sizes grow their businesses and engage shoppers across the purchase journey—both on and off Amazon.

Sponsored Display audiences are available to sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, vendors, agencies, and technology providers in AE, CA, DE, FR, ES, IT, the UK, and the US.

On average, the customer journey on Amazon is 6-7 days; display advertising helps engage shoppers throughout their purchase journey.

While Sponsored Display audiences is an entry-level ad targeting feature, it is the first that allows advertisers who are not using the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) to target audiences viewing specific products and categories, rather than just targeting particular ASINs.


Sponsored Display audiences are divided into two parts based on targeting options: 

Views Remarketing allows you to target audiences based on products they have viewed.

Interests– allows you to target audiences based on their shopping behavior (for example, those who have recently viewed certain categories). Interests are now included under the “Audiences” section.

Amazon audiences give advertisers access to an extensive catalog of audience segments and are a way to engage new customers as well as to help you better learn about your brand on Amazon.

Amazon audiences include:

In-market: In-market audiences allow you to engage audiences who are “in the aisle” and have been recently shopping for products in a given category. To capture share-of-mind, you can reach audiences in the same category as your advertised products to drive consideration, as well as try out entirely new segments to help drive product awareness.

Lifestyle: Positioned for awareness campaigns, these audiences reflect a variety of aggregated shopping and viewing behaviors, including shopping on Amazon, browsing on IMDb, streaming on Prime Video, or streaming on Twitch. These behaviors reflect shared preferences and map to lifestyle segments such as “foodies,” “sports enthusiasts,” “tech enthusiasts,” and more.

Interests: Interest-based audiences allow you to help raise awareness with prospective customers based on what they frequently browse and buy. Examples of these audiences include “interested in Canadian history” and “interested in interior design.”

Life events: Life events audiences allow you to drive awareness and consideration for relevant products based around life moments, such as “traveling soon” for shoppers going on vacation.

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