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Revenue Calculator - Find Your Favorite Product's Best Pricing And Selection Opportunities


Hello Sellers! Amazon never fails to surprise you with innovations, right?

Now, Amazon has introduced new features to its Revenue Calculator. Peep into this article inspired by Amazon News to know more!

Based on feedback from the seller, Amazon has made improvements to the Revenue Calculator.


Amazon's Revenue Calculator

The Revenue Calculator enables the sellers to preview fee and profitability estimates for products they sell, other products on Amazon, and new selections based on the fulfillment channel that you choose.


With the Revenue Calculator, you can now do the following:

  • Directly compare costs and profitability across Amazon stores and FBA programs such as Small and Light.

  • Select optional services such as bagging and labeling and provide cost information such as the cost of goods sold.

  • View detailed estimates in expanded sections, or collapse the sections for high-level estimates.


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