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Order Cancellation Is So Simple Now!!


Hello Amazon Sellers!! What if I give a piece of good news to you?

Yes!! Order cancellation is so simple now. Adhering to the customer's request, Amazon has simplified the process of order cancellation. Read this article to know what it is!!


Order Cancellation Made Simple- For Amazon Sellers

Amazon answered the questions raised by its customers regarding this on April 7, 2022. Here is a glimpse of it.

"We recently announced changes to the process of managing buyer cancelation requests for seller-fulfilled orders. These changes were initially scheduled to take place on April 27, 2022, but will now come into effect on May 10, 2022.

We received your feedback on the announcement and wanted to answer your frequently asked questions.

1. Will I still get an email notification when I receive an order cancellation request?

Yes. You will continue to receive email notifications for all buyer-initiated order cancelation requests.


2. What should I do if a buyer requests cancellation in the buyer-seller messaging tool, and doesn’t respond when I ask them to cancel their order officially by submitting a cancelation request in "Your Orders"?

If a customer requests a cancellation solely in the buyer-seller messaging tool, it’s considered an unofficial cancelation, and canceling it will impact your cancelation rate metrics. To cancel their order, the buyer must go to Your Account, Your Orders, and select Request cancellation.

If the buyer doesn’t respond to your request in the buyer-seller messaging tool, you can send a critical message. Your email will be delivered to a buyer even if they have opted out of non-critical messages.


3. Will I need to download order reports to see buyer-initiated cancellations?

No. You will be notified about buyer-initiated cancelation requests via email, the Manage Orders page, and APIs.

If you use Order reports to process orders, you can enable the Buyer-Requested Cancel field to view cancelation requests in your Order reports. The advantage of downloading order reports is that you are able to see all buyer-initiated cancellations in a single report.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll continue to monitor the forum's responses for further questions."

So, stop worrying about order cancellation on Amazon! To get instant updates about Amazon, follow  Amazon Seller Talk.