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Now Fix Suitable Prices For Your Product On Amazon!


Hey Amazon Folks! Amazon is making your work more and more easy, day by day.

Now, it has gone a step far by suggesting relevant pricing for your product on the Manage Inventory column.

Let's see in detail what Amazon says! [ Source: Amazon ]


Amazon's Statement About Price Suggestion For Products

" Setting a competitive price can increase your chances of being the Featured Offer (Buy Box).

Now you can view how your price compares to other prices on or outside of Amazon in the Pricing Status column on the Manage Inventory Page. "

Amazon is continuously working to make it easier for sellers to set great prices for their products on the Amazon Store. With the newly launched Pricing Status feature, the sellers can view how their product's price compares to other prices on Amazon or outside of Amazon in the Price + Shipping column on the Manage Inventory page.

The Pricing Status will show how their price compares to the Featured Offer, Competitive Price, and Lowest Price.

The sellers can choose to match any of these prices by clicking on the ‘Match’ button next to the respective price.

To increase the chances of becoming the Featured Offer (Buy Box), consider pricing competitively by setting the Amazon Price + Shipping to be less than or equal to the Competitive Price.

Go to the Manage Inventory column to see your pricing status. Go to the Pricing Status Help page to learn more.


What Do Amazon Sellers get?

This is a golden opportunity for Online Arbitrage sellers to succeed on Amazon, as they can find the best suitable prices for their products without any lag. This will help them to earn promising profits and witness the success of their products.

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