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New Changes To Amazon's Brand Analytics Dashboard


Hello Forbes! Amazon has brought some new changes to its Brand Analytics Dashboard. Read this article to know more about it!

The Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior dashboard within Amazon Brand Analytics will no longer be available. This change is effective from June 30, 2022.

[ Amazon Seller Central News]


Why were they removed from Amazon? 

The Amazon seller's feedback and usage volume data indicated that these dashboards don’t always offer impactful and actionable insights, so Amazon is exploring opportunities to add deeper customer behavior analytics in 2023.

It’s part of Amazon's continued efforts to enhance the insights they offer the sellers through Amazon Brand Analytics.

 Are the other Amazon Brand Analytics dashboards impacted? 

No. The user experience of other Amazon Brand Analytics dashboards (Amazon Search Terms, Repeat Purchase Behavior, Market Basket Analysis, and Demographics) will remain the same.

So be prepared to get adapted to these changes. For more Amazon News like this, follow Amazon Seller Talk.