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Important News About Baby Formula Products!! Don't Miss It!!


Issues In Baby Formula Products On Amazon:

Oooh!! The situation is turning worse. The supplies of baby formula products are running low in the United States. So some sellers are facing certain issues like over-pricing of products.

To put an end to those price-gouging sellers, Amazon has taken some steps. Amazon just wants to ensure that the customers enjoy a smooth shopping experience from the sellers every day.

Amazon has released a new article regarding this!


Updates On Baby Formula Products On Amazon

"As supplies of baby formula are running low across the United States, Amazon is focused on ensuring that the customers continue to have the great shopping experience that selling partners deliver every day.

A Note To The Sellers: Price gouging is not allowed in the Amazon store.

Amazon's longstanding Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy protects customers from unfair, excessive, and misleading prices. They are monitoring prices on these products closely and taking appropriate action to protect the customers.

Visit the Pricing Health page to view and restore any listings that may have been deactivated according to Amazon's Fair Pricing Policy.

Given the ongoing scarcity of this product, Amazon recommends its customers consider limiting the number of baby formula products. They can purchase in a single order.

Amazon Retail has set this limit at 4 units per week. To set this limit, the sellers can use the ‘Max Order Quantity’ field in the Manage Inventory option."

So sellers who are trying to make high profits in this situation should be very cautious and it's wrong to do so.

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