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How To Get Approval For Restricted Brands On Amazon?


Do you want to sell restricted brands on Amazon? I know how frustrating it is to get restricted and rejected on Amazon.

But don't worry, Amazon seller talk will help you by providing the top steps you need to follow to get approval on Amazon.



First, do you know what restrictions you undergo? There are different types of restrictions on Amazon. Let's check what those restrictions are.

  • Brand Restrictions

  • Category Restrictions

  • Sub-Category Restrictions

  • ASIN Restrictions

  • Product Restrictions


Let's know more about Amazon brand restrictions.

As we know, Amazon restrictions come in place by considering the well-being and concern of the consumers.

Brand restrictions took place either the brand owner or Amazon has decided that the entire brand needs to be protected on Amazon.

Those brand restrictions can fall under an entire brand or under some categories that might be in the open categories.

Let me make it simple, the toys and games category are in the ungated category list. However, if the brand might fall under the restrictions, then you have to get approval from Amazon.

Amazon is continually adding many brands under the restrictions, due to the company's action to protect its brands. Check out the list of brands that are restricted on Amazon.




To clear out all these confusions, first, you need to check if your product/category/brand or any other undergoes restrictions or not.

Steps to check the Amazon restrictions:

  • Login to your Seller Central Account

  • Click on Inventory

  • Select "Add a Product"

  • Then, enter an ASIN and check your regulations.


You can use the Amazon seller app to scan the barcode or enter the barcode under “Add a Product.” If you’re restricted, you’ll see a message that the item “Requires Approval".



Once you know you’re restricted to sell your desired product/brand, you can apply for approval on Amazon.

  • Search for the item that you want to sell.

  • Now, you'll end up with restrictions.

  • Click "Listing Limitations Apply" next to the item.

  • Then, click Request Approval to begin the application process.


Amazon's approval process may take time and at the same time, it might be easier than you think. If you got approval on Amazon, enjoy selling.

If not, don't worry, keep trying or check out the solution we have.



If you're rejected by Amazon, just try getting approval with the required documents or information that Amazon required.

However, keep on getting rejected on Amazon will make you frustrated. To stop getting frustrated, you have to reach the experts.

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