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Good News Is On The Way!! Amazon Is Launching A New Storage Type


Amazon has made a great decision in favor of Sellers. Yay!! It's going to launch a grand and new storage type: Extra-large. Wanna know more about it? Then scroll down!!


Amazon's New Storage Type - Extra Large

"Effective from April 18, 2022, Amazon is offering another storage type, extra-large, in addition to the oversize storage type. This new storage type gives the sellers more flexibility in how they manage their inventory and quantity limits for larger items.

The seller's FBA quantity limits will be determined separately for extra-large items and oversize items. This determination will be based on the seller's past and forecasted sales, adjusted by fulfillment center capacity.

If the seller has existing inventory that qualifies for the extra-large storage type, those inventories will be reclassified automatically as extra-large. No action from the seller will be required.

Amazon has also clearly instructed how to find whether your product qualifies for the Extra-large storage type in its news article.  

  • For more information about the Extra-large storage model, go to Extra-large FBA inventory.

  • To see which of your inventory qualifies as extra-large, check the dimensions of your items in the Monthly Storage Fees report.

  • Your current limits, or maximum inventory level, and usage are shown on your Inventory Performance dashboard and Shipping Queue.


I guess now you're clear with the new Extra-large storage model. To get instant updates on Amazon, follow up on Amazon Seller talk blogs.