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Easy Ways To Boost Your Sales In E-commerce By Using Images


Buying products from shops will give time for you to look at, touch, and try them out. But when it comes to online shopping, you can't do all that mentioned above. You can only look at the images that have been provided. In that case, you have to rely purely on your eyes.

In the case of vendors, you need to make the customers believe that you are providing only the best product for sale. To do that, you need to provide the best product images. Seeing that will make your customers purchase your product, which in case increase your sales.

You may doubt that, How to make this possible? We also have some ideas to increase your sales by providing first-class product images.



Five easy ways to boost your online E-Commerce sales by using images


1. Product Sizing 

A customer can easily be misled by the size of the product. This may not be your fault, but you need to ensure that the customer gets the exact requirement for what he/she came in for.

You can include measuring units to the reference of your products and also add some other objects for extra easy reference.
(e.g,) If you are selling a shoe, you can add a measuring scale or something to brief its size to the customers.


2. Product Priority 

The requirements for the images change from the main product image to the additional product images that you upload. You can place your images in a specific order on Amazon's platform, which enhances the customer experience and presents the images logically.

(e.g,) In the case of a shoe, you can upload the proper side view of the shoe as the first image so that the customer will get a clear view of it. Followed by that, you can add back, front and bottom views.


3. Background Composition 

You may already know that Amazon prefers product images with white backgrounds, especially for the main image. Using Infinity Curve or Infinity Cove to erase the background and leaving a blank white space in the product image is another strategy to boost the background of your image.

If you use Infinity Curve/Cove, it will give extra attractiveness to your product image and this will help you to boost your sales.


4. Image Variety  

Adding just two or three product images to your amazon product listing is not enough. It is essential to add a variety of images to your Amazon product listing. To erase all the doubts that arise in a customer's mind, you must add images taken from various possible angles.

Amazon also launched a 360-degree view, which enables you to show a 360-degree view of your product. This results in increasing conversion which is good for your sales.

The product video is also highly recommendable. This allows your customer to get to see the product in action which will give confidence for them to purchase it.


5. Image Optimization 

Product image optimization is essential, especially for the main product image. Make sure of the following points for optimizing your product images

☆ High-quality image

☆ Contains only selling product

☆ Clutter-free image


These things will optimize your product image and also be an excellent way to attract the customer's eye.



To win all these competitions in an E-Commerce marketplace like Amazon, you must be fierce in your sales. Your product listing must be perfect with excellent images which will attract the customers towards purchasing it.

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