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Customizable Products! Now In Mexico!!


Sellers in Mexico!! Amazon has a piece of great news for you!! Start selling Customizable products in the Amazon Mexico market.

Here is what Amazon says in its article about Customizable products which was released on July 8, 2022. Before that let's know more about Amazon Custom.


Amazon Custom:

Customized products from Amazon Professional Sellers are offered through the Amazon Custom storefront. Using Amazon Custom, shoppers can add text, images, logos, and other options to any product.

Amazon allows customers to personalize and customize products through the product detail page by registering for Amazon Custom.


 Features of Amazon Custom: 

  • Customers can add text to your products.

  • Customers can upload their images.

  • Customers can choose from a series of drop-down options to build their products and add incremental pricing.


Customers can see proof of their product before purchase.

Professional sellers can register for free on Amazon to unlock these benefits.

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