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Chance For Merchants To Participate In Amazon Pay's Gift Guide


Amazon calls out sellers to participate in Amazon Pay's Gift Guide.


Amazon's Statement to Sellers:

Amazon Pay is offering merchants a chance to participate in its annual Gift Guide, which highlights new products and merchants to Amazon customers, who are shopping during peak season.

To be eligible, all you have to do is register and launch Amazon Pay on your website by October 15, 2021.

This allows you to be featured in our highly visible placements across Amazon Pay’s Shopper Experience marketing channels.

Amazon Pay can help make it easy for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to shop on your site by using the information they have already stored in their Amazon accounts.

While with is announcement many sellers are keen to participate and want to utilize the opportunity.

"Thank you for this opportunity. This is an excellent way to get more exposure and sales!"

However, some raised questions about: "We have our website and also sell on Amazon. Doesn’t seem to be any conflict".


In the meantime, some sellers who are already benefiting from Amazon Pay states:

"We have used Amazon Pay as the primary checkout method on our 7-figure website for several years now.

Our first real foray into online sales started on Amazon, so it was a logical progression for us. It has turned out to be a pretty good deal.

First off, It’s a different support team entirely from selling on Amazon.

The Amazon logo imparts a certain trust level in customers, IMO. That is, it makes us look bigger to the vast majority of new customers who’ve never heard of us.

Tens of thousands of orders shipped and not a single chargeback".