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Bonus From Non-amazon Marketing Program Is Just 3 Steps Away!!


Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus Program was started to encourage Amazon Sellers to make selling decisions further quicker and wiser without much hesitation. Grab this opportunity with just 3 steps. Before that let's get to know more about Brand Referral Bonus.


What Is Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus?

Brands can earn a bonus from non-Amazon marketing efforts through the Brand Referral Bonus program, which can improve advertising efficiency. Brands typically earn a 10% bonus on qualifying sales. Divide your qualifying sales by the minimum bonus rate in the corresponding product category to estimate your bonus. Depending on factors such as additional shipping and gift-wrapping charges, your bonus rate may differ. Your weekly bonus report shows the actual bonus you've received for your sales.


Amazon's Statement About Brand Referral Bonus:

Here is a glimpse of what was said by Amazon in its news article, published on June 20, 2022.

The Seller can make their marketing budget go further with the Brand Referral Bonus (BRB).

They earn a bonus of 10% of the sale of the promoted product, along with the sale of any of the brand's products the customer purchases during the following two weeks when they direct Non-Amazon marketing traffic to Amazon.

The bonus is credited towards their seller's referral fees.

So start your selling on Amazon now! Reach Amazon Seller Talk for more updates about Amazon.