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Amazon's Dashboard With New Upgraded Features!!!


Hey Forbes!! You know what? Amazon has added two new features to its dashboard. Wanna know more about it? Then just peep in.

Amazon has added two new brand analytics searches to its dashboard to simplify the job of the sellers. It also published a press release regarding this on April 14, 2022.


Amazon's New Updated Dashboard

"We have launched two new Brand Analytics search dashboards, Search Catalog Performance and Search Query Performance. These two new dashboards give you new views into your customers’ shopping funnels and the top queries relevant to your brand.

The Search Catalog Performance dashboard provides a comprehensive product view of key shopping metrics such as impressions, clicks, cart ads, and purchases. The end-to-end shopping behavior data helps you diagnose sales funnel issues. The behavior and demand data combination helps you improve your catalog quality.

The Search Query Performance dashboard answers the question, 'what queries led customers to my product?' and includes Brand and ASIN level performance for each query."

I guess this feature will be more useful for newbies who are struggling to build a sales funnel.

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