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Amazon Organic Search Results Error Experienced By Sellers


Amazon Product Listing Error

Recently, many Amazon sellers have experienced issues with their search results (organic ranking).

An Amazon seller said that the listings are not showing up in search results while searching. They are usually ranked at the top of searches, but it doesn't appear even after digging several pages it doesn't appear.


Amazon Seller's Statement

Even though many Amazon sellers state that it has become customary, some said that it hasn't been resolved (Jun 2021).


Organic Search Result Error - A Way To Overcome 

When it comes to Amazon, it hasn't released any report or update, instead, it stated:

"We are aware some customers are having issues with search results. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible".

In the meantime, Amazon reminds sellers to optimize search terms for all ASINs. Use of any prohibited keywords may result in ASIN suppression and action against your account.

Ensure that you've entered the search terms as per Amazon's guidelines.


Here are some best practices for providing search terms:

  • Don't include product identifiers such as brand names, product names, compatible product names, ASINs, UPCs, and so on.

  • Don't provide inaccurate, misleading, or irrelevant information such as the wrong product category, the wrong gender, out-of-context words, and so on.

  • Don't provide excessively long content. Respect the limits that are set for different fields.

  • Don't provide redundant information that is already captured in other fields such as title, author, brand, and so on. It won't improve your product placement in shopping results.

  • When entering several words as a search term, put them in the most logical order. A customer is more likely to search for "big stuffed teddy bears" than "teddy stuffed bears."

  • Use a single space to separate keywords. No commas, semicolons, or carets are required.

  • Don't include statements that are only temporarily true, such as, "new," "on sale," or "available now."

  • Don't include subjective claims such as amazing, good quality, and so on, since most customers don't use subjective terms in their queries.

  • Don't include common misspellings of the product name. Our systems compensate for common customer misspellings and also offer corrective suggestions.

  • Don't provide variants of spacing, punctuation, capitalization, and pluralization ("80GB" and "80 GB,” "computer" and "computers,” and so on). Our system automatically includes different case forms, word forms, and spelling variants for searching.

  • Don't include terms that are abusive or offensive.

  • Abbreviations, alternate names, topics, and key characters (for books, movies, and so on) could be included as search terms.

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