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Amazon Introduces FBA Liquidations Training Videos


As you know, FBA Liquidations is designed to help you recover value from excess and customer-returned inventory, avoid storage fees and prevent the disposal of inventory.

Amazon introduces FBA liquidations training videos to learn about how to recover value from your customer-returned and unfulfillable inventory.


Amazon's Statement To Sellers

We’re excited to introduce our new FBA Liquidations training videos on Seller University. Get a step-by-step breakdown of the program, its features, and its benefits to you. 

With FBA Liquidations, we send your inventory to accredited, wholesale liquidators. You’ll typically recover about 5% to 10% of an item’s average selling price.

Start liquidating inventory immediately by choosing Liquidations when you create a removal order from any inventory planning page.



Instead of paying to remove or dispose of excess or customer-returned FBA inventory, you can choose to use FBA Liquidations to have the inventory liquidated through a wholesale liquidator.

By liquidating inventory, you recover a portion of your inventory cost (net recovery value) while avoiding the cost of monthly and long-term storage fees.

The net recovery value should appear in your account within 60 days, and no later than 90 days, after your liquidation order is submitted.



Amazon determines the average selling price (ASP) of your inventory by evaluating several factors, including:

  • Your sales history
  • The average FBA selling price on Amazon
  • The sales history of the specific ASIN


Based on contracted rates, wholesale liquidators will purchase this inventory for a gross recovery value, which is about 5% to 10% of its ASP. Amazon will then deduct fees and pay you the net recovery value.

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