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Amazon Introduced Creative Asset Library Within A+ Content


Are you creating A+ content? Amazon has introduced a new feature in the advertising console: the ‘Creative Assets’ library.

Creative Assets Library helps you to store, organize, and reuse brand content such as logos and images.

This tool helps you to find all of the images you used in A+ content, regardless of the product. It's easier and quicker to access than storing it on your computer.

According to Amazon, the Creative assets Library feature will help brands to provide a consistent shopping experience by easily applying brand content across Amazon.

Uses of Creative Assets on Amazon

Storage & organization: You can import assets in bulk from your existing storage system and store them for easy access. The maximum size for each file is 10 GB.

Request moderation: You can request moderation for images in the creative assets for use in Stores, Store Spotlight, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon Posts campaigns.

Easily find your assets: You can quickly and easily find them by using search, sort, and filter by name, tag, products, and other attributes. You can also find assets that were previously used in Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands videos, and Stores.

At present, you can find only logos and images, but video assets will also be supported soon.



If you want to upload an image to A+, the Asset Library will pop up with all previously uploaded images and their exact dimensions.

With the search bar, you can search for specific images by file name, which the builder prompts you to add along with tags when first uploading an image.

Ensure you add tags and alt-text for customers using screen reader applications and keep your library organized.

To find specific images even quicker, filter the images by size or file name.

Once you find your desired image, simply hover over it to view its details or add it to your A+.

You can also just upload the images for later use. The new Creative Asset Library is helpful if you have several of the same assets for various products or seasonal updates.

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