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Amazon Home Entry Compliance Policy Update


Hey Forbes! Amazon has brought new changes and updates to its "Home Entry Compliance Policy". Before knowing what changes are made, let's learn in detail about Amazon Home Entry Compliance Policy.


Amazon Home Entry Compliance Policy:

Amazon's top priority is protecting the customers' trust and safety. As part of Amazon's Personnel Requirements, anyone gaining access to their customers' homes has to undergo a background check.


Changes Made In The Amazon Home Entry Compliance Policy:

Exceptions to this policy can be requested as follows:

  • If you're a qualified Seller, Amazon can assist you with background checks and tech verification tools for you and your employees. Or, if you're an employee of an Amazon Local Seller, Amazon can provide the same assistance to you.

  • Deliver your items with Amazon.


In order to sell on Amazon's Online Store, you must comply with Amazon's entry requirements before entering the home of a customer. If you are unable to do so, you may lose access to Amazon.

So be really conscious before proceeding to sell. Try to comply with the policies of Amazon to avoid further consequences which may end up in the suspension of your Seller Account.

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