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Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program: What Is It For You?


Are you a brand owner? Selling on Amazon? Well, this news is for you.

Amazon announced the launch of the Brand Referral Program on July 15. It's exclusively for brand owners who are enrolled in Brand Registry Program.


Let's check how it benefits you:

In an announcement, Amazon points out the benefits of the Brand Referral Program:

  • Help accelerate your growth and improve the efficiency of your non-Amazon marketing and advertising campaigns that drive your referral traffic to Amazon.

  • Save money by receiving bonuses that average 10% of sales from the traffic you have driven to Amazon.

  • Improve advertising efficiency by receiving the same bonus for customer purchases of additional products from your brand up to 14 days after they click the ad.


Let's look into the announcement that Amazon made on Amazon services seller forums:


The Amazon announcement notes:

"In our continued effort to help brands succeed, we are excited to launch the Brand Referral Bonus program. This program can help you delight more customers by aiming to accelerate your growth, save money, and improve the efficiency of your non-Amazon marketing efforts.

As a member of the Brand Referral Bonus program, you can earn a bonus averaging 10% of product sales driven by your non-Amazon marketing efforts. The more traffic you bring, the more opportunities you have to earn a bonus. The bonus is provided as a credit on your referral fees".

While this program came into existence to drive shoppers to Amazon rather than buy directly from your website.

If you don't own any brand, however, you're driving traffic to your Amazon listings through non-Amazon marketing campaigns, Amazon has a program for you.


Amazon states that:

All sellers can enroll in the Amazon Associates program to earn and monetize their traffic with up to a 10% commission on purchases brought in by their marketing efforts.

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