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35% Of Lost Orders Can Be Attributed To Signature Confirmation


Amazon has recommended adding a "signature confirmation" to orders with a high risk of being reported as "lost" or "not received" starting on June 23, 2022.

If you select shipping for these orders in "Buy Shipping," you can purchase "signature confirmation".


How Does It Work For "Lost" or "Not Received" Orders?  

  • Amazon's machine learning technology identifies high-risk orders by analyzing hundreds of signals, such as delivery problems, item value, and delivery address.

  • High-risk orders will be flagged on your "Manage Orders" page under the "Order Status" column with a "Signature Confirmation Recommended" message.

  • If you proceed with the recommendation, the cost of the signature confirmation service will be added to your shipping fee.

  • If you report a signature-confirmed order as "lost" or "not received," Amazon will conduct additional checks on that buyer’s account. Any refunds or claims we grant without your involvement will be eligible for appeal.


Additional fees for Signature Confirmation on Amazon: 

Sellers are offered the signature confirmation recommendation free of charge. Nevertheless, carrier signature confirmation is a separate service for which they charge an additional fee.

Depending on the carrier, service charges typically range from $3 to $6 per order.

Implementing the signature confirmation recommendations will result in additional shipping costs for you.

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