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Topical Ungating

Ungating topical category on amazon can be more difficult than you think. Each of the products in the restricted category is ungated differently. Long years ago, getting ungated on amazon for topical categories were just a couple of clicks away. all you needed was invoices from a licensed distributor to prove that the products were procured using reputable approaches that do not appear to be counterfeits.

However, the procedure has become very complicated over several years back. By restricting the products, Amazon wants to protect its customers from unscrupulous vendors.

Why Amazon Restricted Topical Category?

Amazon has restricted the Topical category to fend off counterfeits or non-legitimate products. The ungating process is to ensure the stocks sold on its platform are of high quality and to avoid reselling the products through the Amazon marketplace. They ensure their sellers do not supply poor quality or damaged products that might affect the buyers.

How To Ungate?

 For new sellers or even for existing sellers, passing through the restrictions from Amazon could be tricky. Amazon has elevated its restrictions for Topicals which is extremely challenging, almost impossible. However, once you achieve in the ungating process, you gain complete access to market your products and there is no barrier to prevent you.

Finally, send the information to Amazon and wait patiently. At last, if you are rejected, do not panic. Mostly, Amazon lifts the restrictions only if the products are sourced from Amazon trusted sellers. A huge number of supporting documents should be submitted every time to get ungated successfully.

Unless you know how exactly you should proceed, getting approved is not a walk in the park. This is exactly why you need an Amazon Ungating Service like TheFunnelGuru to eliminate the restrictions that Amazon may put on your business. Our team of experts can make a quick analysis of the product you are looking to ungate and sell on Amazon. We will let you know everything that amazon approves and you can start making money.

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