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AmazonSellerTalk A Guide To Optimize Your Product Listing On Amazon

Selling products on amazon and earning a profit involves too many processes and steps. Even if you’re selling the right and high-demand products, you need to consider optimizing Amazon product listing.

If you’re a new or experienced seller, optimization is not an easy task. To help the sellers understand how to optimize your product listing, here we provide a complete guide.


If you are selling on Amazon, you need to make your product stand out among millions of sellers. You won’t get a sale if the buyers don’t know your product exists.

That’s why Amazon listing optimization is, essential. To optimize your listing, you need to focus on the following aspects:


This is the first thing the potential buyers will see and instantly tell visitors, searchers, and Amazon what your product is about.

When people see your product title, they need to understand it and want to click it. You have a 250 character limit or about 50 words for your product title (for most categories).

Make sure you include your target and relevant keywords. But don’t forget to include product benefits or a key element that differentiates you from your competitor.

Utilize pipes (|) and dashes (-) to help break up keywords and improve readability. Small aspects help a long way-capitalize the first letter, include measurement units such as inches and pounds.


Your description is where you tell your story about the product and your company. If someone gets to the description, they probably have some interest in purchasing your product but are not sure about it quite yet.

The description is the place where you need to convince the customers. Convince the end user of what you are selling and why it is more than the competition.

The Amazon description character limit is 2,000 (with spaces), which’s about 300 words. Include your target keywords but don’t stuff and make it difficult to read. Keep sentences short. Include the features and benefits to the customer.


Images are the first thing that grabs the buyer’s attention. Take excellent, high-resolution images. Ensure the product image has a white background.

When you add support items make sure your product remains the center of attraction. Use the macro mode to focus on the smaller details of your product.

Provide product images from different angles, (from above & below, front & back as well as sides). If your products are wearable, include a sizing chart.

Don’t shoot the product by placing it in direct sunlight, use either natural or artificial lighting. Include all the variants of your product, including the variation of color, style, etc.

Use a minimum of 1,000 pixels in either height or width. Include some lifestyle images, showing the product in use. Use 85% of the frame. Save it as a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or GIF. Save it as RGB or CMYK color space.


Video is a great way to boost conversions of your listings. It can vividly show how your product is and how to use it in real life and help buyers understand the features and benefits of a product.


The bullet points inside an Amazon product listing are where you sell your product. This is the section people read if they are on the fence about purchasing, or are looking for a very specific benefit.

Put the most important features at the top of the list, many viewers will skim reading. Include any guarantees or warranty you are offering. Mention what the product is made of and how it solves a problem.


It’s important to understand what keywords you are targeting and what you are ranking for, this can help you to optimize your listing,

Keyword research for Amazon is pretty much the same as keyword research for Google. Amazon itself can be used for keyword research. If you tap a few letters in the search box, products automatically appear as suggestions. You can also take inspiration from your competitor’s products.


Whether you are just listing your first product or you have several products selling on Amazon already, optimizing your product pages is incredibly important.

If you follow the key tips mentioned above, you will make excellent progress in optimize your listing and as a result, you can increase your visibility and earn more profit.

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