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Amazon Seller Talk Boost Your E-commerce sales With videos

As a consumer making a purchase online itself a great decision. And, when it comes to online everything is visual.

You might have offered high-quality images, great descriptions, but nothing tells the story quite like an engaging video.

In a survey conducted by Animoto, 73% of customers are more inclined to buy a product after watching a marketing video.

And as an e-commerce seller you need to take advantage of the videos to generate more sales.

How to use videos to grow your e-commerce business? In this article, I’ll share the ways to use videos in e-commerce site.

Before that, if you’re a seller selling on Amazon or planning to sell, don’t miss this part. Well, without product we can’t market, place videos or sell. That’s obvious.

Every seller needs products that make actual profit and that too by reselling. Let’s come to the point.

Amz Online Arbitrage is a platform that carries the model called online arbitrage. May be you’ve known already.

It’s simply buying products for lower from online stores and resell on marketplaces for higher.

For this process, you’ve to visit different websites to get products cheaper. And to make that simple, Amz Online Arbitrage works for you and helps you to find profitable products for deals from 800+ online stores.

All you have to do is signup for Amz Online Arbitrage free, choose the products you’re likely to sell, buy from the store, and list them on Amazon.

With Amz Online Arbitrage finding, sourcing products made easy and you can able to make a profit as quickly as possible.

Now, Are you ready to leverage video to sell more products? Let’s dive deeper.



When it comes to buying products online, your customers want to see what they’re getting. As in brick and mortar stores, your consumers are not going to touch and feel the product.

With product close-up videos you can able to zoom in on your product and display specific features, or demonstrate a function that has to be observed very closely, or simply show your product from multiple angles.

Make sure you capture as much detail as possible so customers will have a clear understanding of what they’re buying.


Let’s say for instance the product you’re selling is a portable grill. You can not only able to show how to use the product, but rather you can also show how the item looks in its original packaging.

And followed by, you can show how quick and easy it is to set up, how to cook on it and how to pack it up again when you are done. Also, you can further demonstrate how easy it is to clean.

That’s great right. These features would be difficult to showcase using images and text.


As similar to lifestyle images, we’re going to showcase the products with real people. Let’s take the same example that you’re selling a portable grill.

Imagine you as a customer, and think how your product benefits them, what problem it will solve. By showcasing real people using your product, you can connect your audience with different emotions.


When it comes to story, it will going to represent your brand. These videos don’t just describe your product, they create a sense of connection with your potential customers.

Think of Nike shoe ads. They don’t just describe the features and benefits of the shoe. They’re just representing their brand by showing a person playing sports, and connecting with friends while wearing Nike shoes.

Telling a story that inspires or evokes emotion can be a powerful way to get a lot of brand exposure.


Well, it’s known that most consumers make purchasing decisions based on product reviews. While there are many places where users can check out reviews of your products, nothing is quite as convincing as video testimonials.

Make your customers describe specifically what they like about the product, how it helped them, and how it solved their problem.


Without further doubt, e-commerce video marketing has the potential to increase your conversions massively.

While videos take more time to create, it will definitely help you to increase sales, website traffic, and brand awareness.

Know your marketing goal and about your audience before creating a great video that converts.

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