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AmazonSellerTalk Says 5 Mistake That Amazon Seller Need To Avoid

Mistakes will happen in every business. Making mistakes will help you to learn more about the business, customers and competitors deeply

Don’t worry about the mistakes you made, I’ve listed the 5 most common mistakes that new Amazon sellers tend to make. Check this article completely and rectify those mistakes.



When you plan to start selling products on Amazon, make sure you understand what you are eligible to do. If you break Amazon’s terms or violate certain rules, Amazon will shut down your account.

Amazon sellers need to read the copyright, performance guidelines, and tax details which are explained clearly on the Policies & Agreements Page.

Likewise, the Seller Code Of Conduct section shows listing standards and defines unethical selling practices on Amazon.


When you decided to start selling products on Amazon as an individual seller and switching to a professional selling account when sales increases is a common practice.

Amazon has stated in the policies, that upgrading to a professional seller account will undergo a certain review. This action is supposed to curtail fake scam accounts on Amazon.

The mistake that new Amazon sellers make is that they do not consider how long the account review process can take.

Depending on whether they have the documents or not, the review process can take weeks.  Upgrading means sales will stop until Amazon verifies the account.


While choosing a new winning product to sell on amazon, source the profitable products to sell on amazon with online arbitrage. Amz Online Arbitrage helps you to find profitable products to sell on amazon.

Choosing products is easy but ungating it from the restricted categories on amazon is quite difficult. Take expert advice, TheFunnelGuru was an expert in this field. They will get you ungated from the restricted categories on amazon within 24 hours.

Focus on the content:

High-quality content helps you to communicate your product value and drive conversion. The initial step in the process is to think about the keywords your target audience is likely to search for when looking for your product.

Write an informative description. If the product image initially grabs a buyer’s attention, the written description convinces them to stay.

Summarize with 3-5 bullet points. Ensure that you include your primary keywords as possible in these bullet points.

 Focus on product images:

Images are the first thing that grabs the buyer’s attention. Amazon requires that images need to be a minimum of 1000 pixels on the short side on a pure white background without watermarks, and the product should take up at least 80% of the image area.


While you would be starting out with smaller quantities, ensure that they are always available. You’ll need to check your inventory levels on Amazon regularly to make sure your products stay in stock.

As an Amazon seller, you should always make sure that your products never run out of stock as it may affect your rankings. You need to be aware of how many units you have in your inventory and ensure that you restock it in time to maintain your listings rank.

A lot of sellers feel that they need extra stock in case the demand for their product is high. But over-ordering stock can also end up costing sellers a lot of money.


An important aspect of any business is customer service. If you are selling your products on Amazon through Amazon FBA then you don’t have to worry about customer service as Amazon will do it for you.

However, if you are fulfilling your orders, then you need to be prepared to tackle any issues that your customers may have.

If you fail to address their problems, then they may opt for your competitors in search of a better customer experience.

Customer reviews are an important aspect while selling on amazon. It is important for buyers to make their buying decision.


Now you are clear about the common mistakes that every Amazon sellers tend to make and need to avoid.

What are you waiting for? Rectify your mistakes and improve your sales and profit now.

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