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AmazonSellerTalk Says Amazon Marketing Services Guide To Amazon Sellers

Every Amazon seller needs to know that registering your seller account, list your product, and selling products on Amazon is not only an essential task. Marketing your product has a key role while selling products on amazon.

Amazon sellers need to know that every click doesn’t equal to a purchase, so it is important to understand how to utilize the Amazon Marketing Services to get its full benefit.


AMS or Amazon marketing services is a self-service platform that Amazon offers sellers in order to promote their products directly to their target market.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform where sellers can get their products in front of relevant visitors based on keywords, products and customer interests.


Amazon Marketing Services allows sellers to market products with these three types:


Sponsored Products gives sellers control over product merchandising on Amazon. You can increase your product visibility when visitors search for particular keywords you bid on with targeted advertisements.

Sponsored Products advertisements run on daily budgets. The minimum daily budget for sponsored product ads is $1. You will be charged when the customer clicks your advertisement.

Requirements For Amazon Sponsored Products:

  • Amazon professional seller account
  • Ability to ship to all U.S. addresses.
  • Product listings in one or more of the available categories. Products must be new. Used products are not eligible for Sponsored Products.
  • Listings that are eligible for the Buy Box. If you create an ad for a product listing that is not eligible for the Buy Box, your ad will not display to Amazon shoppers.

To list products in any of the categories, you need to do ungating on amazon. Amazon restricted certain categories while selling products on amazon.

Don’t worry getting ungated is easy. The Funnel Guru will get you ungated from any of the restricted categories on amazon within 24 hours.

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Targeting Option For Amazon Sponsored Products:

You have to take certain decisions for targeting Amazon Sponsored Products:

Automatic Targeting:

If you select Automatic targeting, Amazon uses default strategies to match your ads to a shopper’s search.

The Amazon algorithm serves ads for products based on relevant content and conversion data.

Manual Targeting:

If you use Manual targeting, you are responsible for selecting optimal keywords. In manual targeting, you design your own targeting strategy.


Headline Search Ads are keyword-driven and can appear across the top of the SERP. It helps you to drive traffic from the search results page to a page that shows a specific product or product range.

With Headline Search you can select a destination for people while click on your ad.

You have three options:

1. ‘Create a Page” option which helps you to promote up to three ASINs and then direct shoppers to a landing page.

2. Your “Amazon Page” option only make you to add a single ASIN.

3. Custom URL.

After choosing the options, you can name your campaign, set a budget (minimum $100) and set a duration.

After that, you can add your targeted keywords and decide on your bids for the auction.


Product display ads helps to increase the visibility of your product towards the final stage of shoppers conversion, which helps to get aware and divert customers from purchasing your competitor’s product and instead buy yours which is selling on amazon.

There are two targeting methods for product display ads: Product and Interest.

Product targeting makes you to select which pages your ad needs to be displayed on. You can select ASINs and related products where your ad need to appear.

Interest targeting lets you select specific shopper interests (categories) where your ad needs to be displayed.

Next, you can choose your “campaign settings”. You can name your campaign, set a CPC bid, set a budget and set the duration.


You have now got a brief overview and understanding of the Amazon Marketing Services.

Amazon Marketing Services enables you to avail of two main strategies: Increase your sales or raise brand awareness.

Use this unique opportunity to optimize your advertising campaigns on a regular basis and increase your sales while selling products on amazon.

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