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New FBA Programs for returned and unsold inventory. Get to know what it is!

AmazonSellerTalk Says About FBA Programs for returned and unsold inventory.

Unsold and returned goods are big headaches for sellers, right?

Amazon has launched new FBA Programs on August 4, 2021, to give a new life to unsold inventory and returned products.

In its announcement, Amazon states that,

“Customer returns are a fact of life for all retailers, and what to do with those products is an industry-wide challenge,” said Libby Johnson McKee, director, Amazon WW Returns, ReCommerce, and Sustainability.

“These new programs are examples of the steps we’re taking to ensure that products sold on Amazon—whether by us or our small business partners—go to good use and don’t become waste. Along with existing programs like FBA Donations, we hope these help build a circular economy, maximize reuse, and reduce our impact on the planet.

And we’re excited that these programs will also help the businesses selling on Amazon reduce costs and grow their businesses—it’s a win for our partners, customers, and communities.”

It has also stated that,

“Selling partners who want to resell returned items can take advantage of a second program FBA Grade and Resell, which is now available in the UK and will be available in the U.S. by end of the year, and in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain by early 2022.

This program gives third-party sellers the option to sell returned products on Amazon as “used” items instead of having the items sent back to them or donated.”

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