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E-commerce Platforms struggles and success during Pandemic

Amazon Seller Talk Says 5 Important Platform That Will Help During Pandemic

As we know, e-commerce has bloomed over the years and it’s one of the fastest-growing domain in the online world. During the pandemic, some e-commerce sites have benefited, while others were unprepared and stuck.

Let’s check who they are and how they make it possible.

Here comes the winners: Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay are the four winners.

Wish, Google Shopping, and Target are the strugglers.


In early March, Amazon experienced a major surge in customer demand. They hire 100,000 new people to meet the increase in demand for the people who are in need of Amazon’s service. Thousands of negative seller reviews are flooded on amazon, as shoppers complain about price gauging, low quality products, canceled orders, delaying orders. Despite of customer complaints and issues with deliveries, Amazon sales are growing in the second quarter of the pandemic.


E- Bay didn’t significantly expand the number of sellers or products, but they have grown more in the last four years. During this pandemic, customers expect faster delivery and e-bay became one of the destinations for those who are looking for fast delivery.


Traffic to Walmart has increased significantly, due to the increase in demand for groceries. They handled that demand easily because they carries over 90% of the assortment on Walmart online. Walmart also slightly accelerated the number of sellers.


Etsy have unique strengths, sales on Etsy sets a record in April. Etsy, cannot be compared to the general merchandise e-commerce platforms, but it competes with both eBay and Amazon for the handmade and vintage sales.


Wish suffered a lot during the pandemic. The sales on the app dropped significantly because of the dependency of China-based sellers. By May, sales started to recover, and the company has reintroduced a strategy to recruit sellers in the US.


In 2019, Target launched a marketplace known as Target Plus. It has started with 30 merchants, and has grown to 150 in a year. As an online retailer, Target’s performance for the past few years comes mainly from its use of stores for fulfillment.


Google announced that it would reintroduce free listings to its Google Shopping service. They have nearly 5,000 sellers which is increased 1,500 in a year. It didn’t accelerate adding more merchants or improved it’s shopping experience so far. Other than the announcement of free listings, Google doesn’t have any impact and acted for the e-commerce growth.

There are lot more strong e-commerce platforms other than the few mentioned here. Use the opportunity wisely and be a winner.

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