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Amazon’s New Features For The Vendors To Monitor Their Account

Amazon is constantly building powerful tools and services for helping vendors to grow and manage their businesses. Amazon has been listening to the feedback of every seller and launched its innovation in order to maintain account health.

As a new feature, you will see a difference in the Account Health Rating (AHR). The rating will be displayed as a point-based value on a scale of 0 – 1000 with the same color that exists today. This will help the vendors to have a clear vision of their AHR from Healthy (GREEN) to At Risk (YELLOW) and to Unhealthy (RED). In stage red, the account will be at the risk of deactivation.

This page will also indicate the degree of violation that impacts the account’s health, allowing the vendor to prioritize the factors that negatively affect the account’s health.  The AHR does not change Amazon’s existing policies; instead, it aggregates violations of certain Amazon policies into a single score that shows the overall health of the account.

Amazon has created a new AHR Program Policy due to these updated features. To learn more, go to the FAQ section in the account health. Suggestions can be sent to the seller Forums through the Account Health Category. Amazon’s account health specialists will be monitoring these posts regularly for the opportunity for improvement.

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