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Amazon Insurance Accelerator: Good News For Amazon Sellers!

AmazonSellerTalk Says About Amazon Insurance Accelerator

Are you tired of spending a lot of Dollars on product liability insurance for selling on Amazon?

Well, this good news is just for you.

Amazon has introduced the Amazon Insurance Accelerator, to make it more easy and affordable for sellers to safeguard their business.

Amazon has announced this great news on August 10, 2021.

In Amazon’s announcement, it quoted the benefits of the Amazon Insurance Accelerator and the reason behind its launch.

“Sellers have long been required to obtain product liability insurance, and we’re making it easier and more affordable for them to do so.

We worked with an insurance broker to create Amazon Insurance Accelerator, a network of vetted insurance providers who will evaluate and, if appropriate, offer liability insurance at competitive rates to qualifying sellers. Sellers only pay for the cost of the insurance itself.

Sellers are not required to use a provider within Amazon Insurance Accelerator; they can continue to obtain insurance from any qualified insurance provider of their choice.

Most of our sellers are small and medium-sized businesses and they’ve created over 2 million jobs and opportunities in their communities.

We’re proud to continue supporting their growth through programs like Amazon Insurance Accelerator that help them find trusted resources at competitive prices.”

This statement was released by Amazon, which shows its concern towards the Amazon Sellers.

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